Here We Go Again

This is the first post of the newest iteration of my corner of the web. Enjoy and converse. In case you’re curious, this is a WordPress blog. I’m not a WordPress fanboy, but it is the best tool for the job as far as I’m concerned. I rebuilt most of the blog twice before switching to WP. The first time, I wrote a directory parser/cacher system that would let me statically generate the blog from flat files. The second time, I wrote an even more sophisticated version that was still file-backed rather than database backed. I was doing a lot of fancy caching, minimizing, and dog fooding. Still, I wasn’t getting it done fast enough. Who cares who fast a blog loads if it isn’t done enough to launch. Exactly no one, including me. After spending probably fifteen hours on each I had the epiphany that just using WordPress will deliver significantly more bang for the time I spend. At the time of this writitng I have approximately 7 hours in the project and it’s nearly complete in terms of desired layout and features for desktops and tablets. The handheld mobile view sucks, but I haven’t spent any time optimizing for that yet. I’ll get there. Anyway, now that this bad boy is up and running, look for frequent updates with interesting things.

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