Who is this guy?

Hiya, I’m Jackson Gabbard. I write about things that I find interesting, excitingly geeky, and/or broken in a way the demands inspection. I’m a former engineer at Facebook and a founding member of the Facebook London office. I care a lot about equalising tech and life in general, really. I’m a privileged white guy who tries never to take that for granted.

Am I looking for a job?

No, I’m currently happily working at Synthace as a lead product engineer. We’re hiring though. You should come and work with us.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. You built a website for McGuigan & Associates in Nashville, TN
    What would be the cost for you to build me one similar to theirs?
    They always come up no. 1 in a google search.

    1. Hi Stephen, thanks for the comment. I’m no longer in Nashville and no longer do freelance work. If you’re interested in finding someone in the Nashville area to handle building a site for you, I’d push you to check out Chris Bradshaw at http://www.nashvilleinteractive.com/. He and I worked together at echomusic once upon a time. He’s a great guy and a solid web developer who can help you create the kind of site you’re aiming for. Hope that’s helpful!

    1. Good question! If I knew the answer, I would totally tell you. I started working full-time again, so I haven’t had time to devote to videos. What would you want a video on?

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