Shared Context, But Like Durable

Most companies have a small number of people who know how everything works. These are the people that answer the questions for new joiners. They write the documentation. They train and onboard new people. They empower and nurture and explain. They’re the busiest and most valuable team members. They’re multipliers for their teams. Their impact … Continue reading Shared Context, But Like Durable

Are you a senior developer?

When an engineer transitions from mid-level into senior, their job tends to change. Mid-level engineers can get away with the occasional dalliance into some pet problem. Or some period of low productivity because they’re lost and confused and need some guidance. With seniority comes higher expectations. This post is a detailed look at the senior … Continue reading Are you a senior developer?

Are you a mid-level developer?

Graduating from juniority into… uh… mid-level-ity? means reaching some key mile markers. Mid-levels have solid core programming knowledge. Their overall problem solving ability has progressed a lot. They generally have a sense of how to solve a problem when they hear it described. This post is a detailed look at what being a mid-level developer … Continue reading Are you a mid-level developer?

Are you a junior developer?

The key hallmark of juniority is the quest for clarity. To use the language of my homeland, junior developers don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground. Everything is a mystery. Most mysterious of all is how to progress and what “good” looks like. This post is a detailed look at the junior … Continue reading Are you a junior developer?

How to tell what level of developer you are, junior to senior

The developer you are today is a cleverer, more capable version of the developer you were yesterday. The scope of task you can handle today is ever so slightly bigger and more challenging than your peak yesterday. It’s one of the most exciting aspects of becoming a software engineer. The career progression opportunities are massive. … Continue reading How to tell what level of developer you are, junior to senior

A CSS Puzzle

As posted on Twitter and elsewhere, here’s a fun little CSS brainteaser for you. No images. No SVGs. No box shadow! Think you can reproduce this UI and interaction? Let me know how you did it.

Debugging Elastic Beanstalk

Recently, I’ve had the extremely mixed blessing of working with AWS and Elastic Beanstalk to deploy an app. This app has continuous delivery going using the Code* Suite. While not wonderful, CodePipeline/CodeBuild are at least straightforward. Enter Elastic Beanstalk. I’ve been attempting to use the CLI to trigger Elastic Beanstalk version updates. This would seem … Continue reading Debugging Elastic Beanstalk

Stacked Diffs Versus Pull Requests

Update: This post received quite a lot of healthy discussion on Hacker News. You can follow that conversation here: Update: And… again? Update: Btw, if you want to work this way, we’re hiring at Cord! Update: If you want the Stacked Diff workflow but you’re stuck with GitHub, there’s an excellent tool for … Continue reading Stacked Diffs Versus Pull Requests

This site is now available only via SSL

After much gnashing of teeth and furious Googling of obscure SSL related Apache error log messages, this site is now available via SSL exclusively. Huzzah.

Thinking About Knee Jerk Reactions

Original post here: While I was running tonight, I had a thought about the extremely negative reaction so many privileged people have to being called sexist or racist or <insert thing here>-ist. It occurred to me that this group of people probably hates being unfairly labeled as something they don’t see themselves as and don’t … Continue reading Thinking About Knee Jerk Reactions

“Mate, really?” (Or, Why It Matters to Me)

Original Post: I wrote a note a long while ago about a conversation I had over a dinner. I wrote the note to explain how the conversation was actually sexist and dismissive of women despite looking like a conversation that was praising some of the women we knew. I got a lot of flack for … Continue reading “Mate, really?” (Or, Why It Matters to Me)

Lessons: A Year and A Decade

Original post: This is my answer to The Birthday Question for the 30th year of my existence. I was asked the question by a number of people this year, which I think is awesome. For those of you who haven’t been exposed, the question is this — what is the most important lesson you learned … Continue reading Lessons: A Year and A Decade

Sassy !== Assertive and Female

Original post: At a dinner some weeks back, I was having a conversation with some male engineer friends of mine from a bunch of companies in the London area. The challenge of finding engineers who are women came up. It’s a topic that comes up a lot when I’m at the table because I think … Continue reading Sassy !== Assertive and Female

This Web Page is a Dick: T-Mobile

It boggles me endlessly when sites have draconian requirements for passwords. I use a password generator/store application called 1Password. This application lets me create crazy strong passwords for every site I interact with. This means I can ratchet up the special characters and length without any worry that I won’t remember the password. I know … Continue reading This Web Page is a Dick: T-Mobile

Hey Android, Where’s the USB Data?

Does your ping look like this when using Android’s sweet USB tethering feature? I tried lots of things: Disabling/Enabling USB Tethering Disconnecting/Reconnecting the USB cable Restarting the phone Disabling/Enabling the network interface on the computer Restarting the computer All of this got me exactly no where. The phone is still connected to the interwho, but … Continue reading Hey Android, Where’s the USB Data?

Baby Steps: Vim Macros

I spend probably a third of my maker time writing code (another third doing root cause analysis on bugs and another third reviewing code, more or less). In my coding time, I do almost all of my work in Vim and Bash, mostly Vim. You IDE buffs out there can scoff if you will. Vim is … Continue reading Baby Steps: Vim Macros